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I'm Two Cents and I'm just an opinion

You can add your two cents to mine, even though it'll hardly be worth the value of my own; or you can turn your declarations into real action by supporting HBCUs.

Disclaimer:  Give Your Two Cents does not collect donations on behalf of HBCUs.  Visit our Support page to donate directly to the HBCU of your choice.  Note, we encourage you to give more than .02 cents.

2 Cents Floating on the Net   

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If you've got 2 cents to spare, we have an HBCU that could use it!

3 Steps

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 48.2 million blacks living in the United States.

If we gave just two cents ($.02) for each member of our household, we could raise nearly $1 million dollars for HBCUs; and approximately $12 million if we gave two cents a month.


Now, imagine if our two cents turned into two dollars each year -- that would be nearly $100 million dollars raised for HBCUs; and $1.2 billion dollars if we gave two dollars each month. See how that works?


Of course, that would take a lot of common 'cents' on our part to put such a plan in motion.  But keeping it real, you give your two cents to everything else. 


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When you give, whether it's $.02 or $2.00; and do so consistently through monthly and annual donations, HBCUs will feel the impact.  So, let's show the strength of our collective by giving!

3.  Share with Others

We know you're not shy about offering your two cents on social media, so go on and share this too!

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